Haven’t had a lot to post because they went on a cruise and have no communication….hopefully ill hear all the stories tom.

March 10 2010
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This is a lot like what happened, except the girl was a guy


Jason’s Story

Jason, my best friend in the whole world, is in his second gay relationship now. The first one didn’t end so well. Jason comes from a rough background. Jason was in love with the guy he was dating before Tayler. Like way in love. He was so much in love that he was blind to the fact that he was in an abusive relationship.

Tayler couldn’t have come sooner. He saw what was happening and warned the rest of us. It wasn’t before Jason’s boyfriend punched him in the face because Jason was being “disrespectful” that he would get out of the relationship.

The face thing was a really big deal because Jason has been modeling lately. After the face thing Brett, Jason’s ex, threatened to release pictures of Jason that Brett took without Jason knowing. So Jason was forced back into that relationship, he was not allowed to talk to any of us and we were sure that there were bruises that we couldn’t see.

Jason had a hero waiting to strike though. Brett had been cheating on Jason with some other guys and Tayler had one of them take a picture. They traded pictures and everything was ok. Oh wait…Brett definitely got a black eye from Tayler. I guess thats why they’re so close.

Taylor really saved Jason that day.


The Lovebirds

So I have these two friends, these two guy friends that are all over each other all the time. I guess they really love each other but sometimes they can be a little much. Just kidding a lot much. Well anyways that’s what this blog is gonna be about.